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(2018) Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sex & Food [FLAC,Tracks]
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(2018) Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sex & Food


As the albums have progressed, you’ve had to dig for the joys of . Ruban Nielson’s increasing penchant for studio wizardry have led to records that are loaded with ideas, often buried deep within the layers of instrumentation and production. 

To the inattentive, Sex & Food may feel like watching a movie out the window of a speeding car. This is UMO’s most dense effort to date, and ideas whizz past – blink and you’ll miss a fleeting, high-pitched guitar solo (as with the one strapped onto the end of the brilliant ‘Hunnybee’, or a Pynchon turn of phrase (‘Ministry of Alienation’). It requires time and space. It’s jam-packed, but it’s equally rewarding – an album that continues to reveal new parts of itself with each new listen.

Mind-bending opening track ‘Major League Chemicals’ channels Prince, channelling Frank Zappa, synthesised and filtered beyond recognition. ‘Chronos Feasts on His Children’ would have sufficed as a mid-weight acoustic track, but instead the layered vocals and gallons of reverb elevate it to something beyond what most artists would have conceived. The rampant fuzzy riffs on ‘American Guilt’ are deafening and show a heavier side to the shapeshifting Nielson. This is a smorgasbord of an album: one to be indulged, and one to be savoured.


01 A God Called Hubris.flac

02 Major League Chemicals.flac

03 Ministry of Alienation.flac

04 Hunnybee.flac

05 Chronos Feasts On His Children.flac

06 American Guilt.flac

07 The Internet Of Love (That Way).flac

08 Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays.flac

09 This Doomsday.flac

10 How Many Zeros.flac

11 Not In Love We're Just High.flac

12 If You're Going To Break Yourself.flac


Country: USA

Genre: funk, indie-pop

Media Report:

Source                           : CD

Format                           : FLAC

Format/Info                      : Free Lossless Audio Codec, 16-bit PCM

Bit rate mode                    : Variable

Bit rate                         : ~ 653-946 Kbps

Channel(s)                       : 2 channels

Sampling rate                    : 44.1 KHz

Bit depth                        : 16 bits

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icon 05 Chronos Feasts On His Children.flac8 MB
icon 06 American Guilt.flac29.4 MB
icon 07 The Internet Of Love (That Way).flac25.1 MB
icon 08 Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays.flac26.9 MB
icon 09 This Doomsday.flac19 MB
icon 10 How Many Zeros.flac18.9 MB
icon 11 Not In Love We're Just High.flac18.5 MB
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