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Long Play The Eagles and Jackson Browne (3CD SBD)1976-78 ak320
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Long Play The Eagles and Jackson Browne (3CD SBD)1976-78 ak320


I posted the Eagles portion of this bootleg A few years back. I did not have the Jackson Browne portion. I now have  obtained the Jackson Browne portion and have a complete source., I might as well post the whole thing. Both performances are fabulous must haves anyway. Thankx go to John from the new JDP blog he said that so well and It was true for me also. The Eagles show is pure Gold and Joe Walsh so fired up the set list.

Jackson Browne... this was his time to super shine in the late 70s.

So Enjoy Some of the Best 70s Rock available


Long Play - (Mid Valley Records ~ MVR Special Sampler)

Houston 1976 (Glenn Frey's Birthday) The Houston Summit, Houston, Texas, USA, 11-16-1976

BBC In Concert 1978 Shepherd's Bush Theatre, London, London, UK

Soundboard Recordings

Sources Vary

MP3 320ak

Cover Art Included

Lineage: Mid Valley Special Sampler Boot 3CD > EAC > FLAC


CD1 The Eagles

01 Hotel California

02 Lyin' Eyes

03 Wasted Time

04 Take It To The Limit

05 Desperado

06 Midnight Flyer

07 Turn To Stone (Joe Walsh)

08 Already Gone

09 Outlaw Man (Bonus)

CD2 The Eagles

01 One Of These Nights

02 Funk #49

03 Good Day In Hell

04 Rocky Mountain Way

05 Witchy Woman

06 James Dean

07 M.C. Introducing J.D. Souther

08 The Best Of My Love*

09 Walk Away

10 Tequila Sunrise

CD3 Jackson Browne

01 The Fuse

02 Here Come Those Tears Again

03 Rock Me On The Water

04 Cocaine

05 Rosie

06 Doctor My Eyes

07 These Days

08 Running On Empty

09 Love Needs A Heart

10 Nothing But Time

11 The Load Out

12 Stay

CD's 1 & 2 The Eagles The Houston Summit, Houston, Texas, USA, 11-16-1976

CD 3 Jackson Browne BBC In Concert 1978 Shepherd's Bush Theatre, London, London, UK

Playing Time Eagles: 1hr 45mn 36sc

Playing Time Jackson Browne: 54mn 49sc

Total Playing Time: 2hr 36mn 24sc

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