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Metallica - Hardwired…To Self-Destruct (2016)
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Metallica - Hardwired...To Self Destruct (2CD)2016 ak320


Year: 2016

Style: Thrash Metal

Country: USA

Format: 320 mp3

Size: 179.25 MB

Added: 12/11/2016

Files: 13


Length: 01:17:31

Tracks :

  CD 1:

01. Hardwired

02. Atlas, Rise!

03. Now That We're Dead

04. Moth Into Flame

05. Dream No More

06. Halo On Fire

CD 2:

01. Confusion

02. ManUNkind

03. Here Comes Revenge

04. Am I Savage?

05. Murder One

06. Spit Out The Bone

Line-up :

James Hetfield - Lead vocals, Rhythm guitar

Lars Ulrich - Drums, Percussion

Kirk Hammett - Lead guitar, Backing vocals

Robert Trujillo - Bass, Backing vocals

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icon CD1/01 Hardwired.mp37.4 MB
icon CD1/02 Atlas, Rise!.mp315 MB
icon CD1/03 Now That We're Dead.mp316.1 MB
icon CD1/04 Moth Into Flame.mp313.5 MB
icon CD1/05 Dream No More.mp315 MB
icon CD1/06 Halo On Fire.mp319 MB
icon CD2/01 Confusion.mp315.5 MB
icon CD2/02 ManUNkind.mp316 MB
icon CD2/03 Here Comes Revenge.mp316.8 MB
icon CD2/04 Am I Savage.mp315 MB
icon CD2/05 Murder One.mp313.3 MB
icon CD2/06 Spit Out The Bone.mp316.5 MB
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