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40 Summer Hits (2018)
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Año: 2018

Estilo: House, ElectroHouse, BigRoom, Dance.

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icon 01. Turbotronic - Do You Wanna (Radio Edit).mp38.5 MB
icon 02. Geo Da Silva - Balkano Latino (Radio Edit).mp37.2 MB
icon 03. Federico Seven & William Tag - Stereo (Radio Edit).mp37.8 MB
icon 04. Tony T & Stephan F - Summer Time (Radio Edit).mp38.6 MB
icon 05. Geo Da Silva - Mallorca (Radio Mix).mp36.6 MB
icon 06. Maureen Sky Jones x Sander-7 & DJ Combo - Summer Lover (Radio Edit).mp37.6 MB
icon 07. Fedo Mora & Tony T feat. Alba Kras - The Only One (Original Mix).mp38.2 MB
icon 08. Sean Norvis - Meteor Feelings (DJ Lucian & Geo Remix).mp310.9 MB
icon 09. Michael Fall & Jodie Topp - Sunshine (Radio Edit).mp38.5 MB
icon 10. 2Room - Summer (Radio Edit).mp38 MB
icon 11. AxEr & Aro Wyler - Running (Radio Edit).mp38 MB
icon 12. Luxx Daze - Like You Used To (Original Mix).mp38.9 MB
icon 13. DJ Combo & LocoDJ - Without You (Radio Edit).mp39.5 MB
icon 14. Turbotronic - Disco Night (Radio Edit).mp36.6 MB
icon 15. Teknova - 9pm (Till I Come) 2K18 (Melbourne Bounce Edit).mp36.7 MB
icon 16. Tim Tailor - Hell Them (Rene Rodrigezz Edit).mp39 MB
icon 17. Maph - Hypnotized (Radio Edit).mp37.5 MB
icon 18. Sander-7 & DJ Combo - Talk To Me (Radio Edit).mp39.2 MB
icon 19. FLGTT - Ecuador 2K18 (Radio Edit).mp38.4 MB
icon 20. Teknova - Komodo 2K18 (Radio Edit).mp37.2 MB
icon 21. Geo Da Silva x Sean Norvis feat. Kizami & DJ Combo - Summertime (Balkan Brothers Remix Edit).mp37.4 MB
icon 22. Alex Milani & Rhett Fisher - Where The Stars Go (Alex Pizzuti Remix Edit).mp37.6 MB
icon 23. Turbotronic - Mighty Bounce (Radio Edit).mp36.8 MB
icon 24. FLGTT - Tetris 2K18 (Radio Edit).mp37.7 MB
icon 25. Mike Maiden - Get It (Original Mix).mp310.8 MB
icon 26. Geo Da Silva & DJ Combo - Disco Inferno 2K18 (Maury J Remix Edit).mp37.8 MB
icon 27. Gemeni & Patrick Metzker feat. Andria Marie - Cantina (Radio Edit).mp38.3 MB
icon 28. Alpha Squad - Follow (Radio Edit).mp37.8 MB
icon 29. The Coolbreezers & Hoxygen - Fill Me Up (Radio Mix).mp37.9 MB
icon 30. Ryan Housewell & Max Landry - Rain Dance (Radio Mix).mp37.7 MB
icon 31. Teknova - Vodka Fisa 2K18 (Original Mix).mp38.6 MB
icon 32. Turbotronic - Shake It Shake It (Radio Edit).mp37.7 MB
icon 33. Massive z Southree & Penny Hannant - Gone (Radio Edit).mp38.7 MB
icon 34. Stephan F & Felix Giles - Calling You (Club Edit).mp37.2 MB
icon 35. Geo Da Silva & DJ Combo - To My Beat (Original Mix).mp38.9 MB
icon 36. DJ Nell & Alex Class x DJ Fr3y vs. Fabio Kam - Me & You (Original Mix).mp37.7 MB
icon 37. Cristic - Move (Original Mix).mp310.5 MB
icon 38. DJ Y.T - Far Away (Original Mix).mp36.5 MB
icon 39. Mr. Pit vs. Sean Norvis & Justine Berg - Afraid To Feel (Radio Edit).mp37.7 MB
icon 40. Chris Armada & Bella - Secret Island (Radio Edit).mp39.3 MB
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